Giles-Duley” In 2011 I was injured whilst working as a photographer in Afghanistan. I spent the next 46 days of my recovery fighting for my life in intensive care. During that period, I was often awake for days, unable to move or communicate as I was incubated and my remaining shattered hand was in a cast. My mind wandered, drifting on a mixture of morphine, exhaustion and fear and so battling to keep my sanity and to pass the dragging hours I’d challenge myself with mental exercises. My favourite was thinking of portraits I wished I could do, creating a list of the 100 people I most wanted to photograph. So here I am. It’s taken two years, 30 operations and a long rehabilitation, but I’m ready to start.

100 Portraits Before I Die: A Photographers Odyssey….

Giles Duley ”

The above words belong to a Giles Duley a photographer who while working in Afghanistan in 2011 he stepped on a landmine.After a big fight for his life he managed and survived.During the hospitalization ,imagined all the portraits he wanted to take, so he started the list .A great story and a great inspiration in multiple levels.

His first two portraits are Dr.Gino Strada , a war surgeon (on the left) and Ben Okri , a Nigerian poet and novelist (on the right).


You can learn about this story to the pesonal blog of Giles Duley